AEE311: Environmental Conditions and Farrowing Crates

There are many environmental factors that go into hog farming, and many of them could be prevented by the use of farrowing crates. A pigs health can be affected by insect bites, sunburn, transmission of disease by birds and rodents, and other wildlife predators. Farrowing crates also limit unwanted interactions with aggressive sows that may harm humans. By placing the pigs inside and within the farrowing crates, this eliminates the possible harmful effects of sunburn, insect bites, disease from birds and rodents, as well as other wildlife predators.

By the use of temperature and fan controllers used within the barn where the crates are located, we can bring in clean air for the hogs while also managing a comfortable temperature for the hogs to stay in. Pigs do not sweat so this is a very important factor in the contentment of the pig. In the summer sprinkler systems are used to to also aid the cool down process of the pigs on those hot summer days.

The flooring of a farrowing crate is designed to keep pigs dry reducing the spread of diseases. The use of stalls allow for every pig to get the adequate amount of feed to grow fat and healthy, because without stalls other sows may steal food meant for the other pigs. By the use of stalls, farmers are easily able to give medical attention to the pigs when needed.

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